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Tent, Tables, Chairs and Linen


We have a great selection on tent, tables, chairs and assortment of linen colors. If you need help coordinating your event, Please let us help you. 

Tent & Drapping

Tents will automatically enhance the excellence of any event. Whether it’s a backyard family get together, tents for weddings, or tent rentals for corporate events, Magical Moments Party and Events offers you white quality tents for absolutely any occasion. White framed tent rentals in South Florida are the most popular types of rentals due to the sunny climate here in South Florida, so give a shaded area for your guests at a convenient cost and have the best event of your life! We also offer accessories for tents to improve the look of your party like Tent Lights that illuminate the whole inner tent, Leg Pole covers to improve the quality “appearance” of your tent. By renting a tent with us, you don’t have to worry about the weather outside or if it’s raining or its “too” hot for the occasion. Add the finishing touch to your tent by simply adding draping.  Make sure to Contact us for more info!




No party hosts wants their guests to eat standing. Tables and Chairs rentals are the absolute essential thing in anyone’s event. We offer Table rentals of different sizes and shapes to accommodate any sort of event.  We have long 6’ Rectangular tables that seat 8 guests, birthday tables and tables for cakes or to simply just place the food on it. The size of the Table rentals really depends on how many guests you want to in it or even the size of the place you are doing your party in. We offer 60” Round Tables that seats up to 10 guests for weddings, Baby Showers and banquets or any other type of events. We also offer a smaller types of Round Tables for rentals, which are “Cocktail” Tables, perfect for guests who don’t just want to sit all the time and perfect for drinks! Let’s not forget about the little ones we have the best 4’ tables to accommodate the little ones seats 6 children. One of Make sure to Contact us for FREE quotes or you can do your own online instant quote to make your Reservation!





We offer Adult and Kiddie Chairs for all events. 

Assorted Colors
table linen, chair covers and sashes

Make your event stand out with our assorted colors. We carry an array of colors for table linens, Chair covers and Sashes to match all of your events, and if you need help organizing your theme let one of professional designers  assist you in coordinating your color scheme. 

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