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Rock climbing wall



Our goal is to introduce rock climbing for all. Become an experienced climber. It's fun and safe, and we want everyone to try it now, so call us today to schedule your rock climbing wall to your next birthday party, fund raiser or cooperate event. With Rock climbing wall there is always new, challenges, and can be very motivating.

Our mission is for guests of all ages to discover the fun and fitness benefits of climbing year-round in a safe and fun environment like no other you have experienced.

Let Magical Moments Party and Events introduce you to the fastest growing sport in the 21st century, Rock Climbing. The sport of climbing began in the late 60's in Europe. In the beginning, the sport was primarily enjoyed by advanced level climbers for physical training and conditioning purposes during the off season. Much like outdoor climbing, challenges the mind as well as the body. Just imagine doing a vertical dance in slow motion.

This sport is perfect for active children, teens and adults wishing to experience a workout that is challenging, exhilarating and fun. Climbing a vertical wall requires a unique combination of mental and physical challenges that will ensure continued interest in the sport and an all-around conditioning workout. Climbing also increases flexibility, strength, and endurance while immersed in single-minded concentration on the task at hand: climbing huge featured walls. What is gained is a sense of awareness, self-fulfillment and confidence in yourself and others. Magical Moments party and events rock climbing wall is a great way for everyone to discover new challenges while scaling new heights.

This is a fun and safe sport for all ages. Our staff provides a controlled, supervised environment where beginner through professional climbers can enjoy. Trained staff teach the necessary safety techniques, and provides the climbing gear. Take advantage of this fun sport at your next event.

A rock climbing wall is an artificial structure comprised of shaped climbing holds that are attached to the surface both randomly and in specific routes. Before starting, a climber is secured with a safety harness to a climbing rope. It is then travels to the second person on the ground called a belayer. The belayer ensures the safety of the climber by controlling the tension, giving or taking as the climber ascends to the top. As climbers improve their climbing technique. Closed shoes are recommended.