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Dunk Tank



A dunk tank, also known as a dunking booth or dunking machine, is an attraction mainly used in funfairs, fundraisers, and personal parties. A dunk tank consists of a large tank of water, over which a volunteer is suspended while sitting on a collapsing seat.

Most dunk tanks consist of a plastic tank and seat, with a metal support frame and a target to the side of the tank. Other dunk tanks are made entirely of metal, and some are made of wood. The person to be dunked, called the "victim", climbs onto the seat via a ladder on the side of the dunk tank. Usually, there is fence-like protector around the seat, which is used to protect the person sitting on the seat from being injured by stray balls missing the target. The seat is latched in an upright position. By striking the target, the seat will suddenly collapse, thus "dunking" the victim into the tank of water. Participants thoroughly enjoy the experience of feeling uncertainty while sitting on a collapsible seat suspended over a freezing tank of water as well as the sudden shock or excitement of inevitably getting dunked into the tank. Regardless of enjoyment, people will volunteer to sit in a dunk tank for work, to entertain, as a form of punishment to pay off a losing bet, or for charity.

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